South Korea’s Younda Partnership and the Iranian Concrete Foundation have begun producing and delivering a Eco Nano panel under the Younda Branding brand in Iran. The main goals of this complex are to lighten and retrofit buildings and to enhance the exterior of buildings.
This complex with design engineers and internally qualified technicians and foreign consultants (South Korea) is ready to supply and execute the Eco Nano Panel View across Iran and the Middle East.

Product Specifications :
– Dimensions of ٍEco Nano panel (height is 5 cm in length by 5 cm)
– The Eco Nano Panel has a Certificate (Preventing Flame Spreading) from discussing fire from South Korea.
– Eco Nano panel has up to 5 dB sound insulation certification from South Korea.

Eco Nano panels Advantages and Benefits

Process and Steps of  Eco Nano Panel Instalation:
1- Estimated panel meter and accessories required
2- Preparation and implementation of steel frame substrate for leveling if needed
3- Determine the coordinates and cut of the Eco Nano panel according to the blueprint drawings
4- Install panels on a grid of frames using screws and screws on the middle and corner joints (galvanized or PVC)
5- Sealing and pairing the panels together using a juicer at the intersection where needed.

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